Why eero?

If you haven’t heard of eero yet, we collected some info on them for you, including an alternative which is also available in Australia.

Excerpt from a review from Consumer Reports:

Based on both our in-lab testing and what I experienced in my own home, Eero delivers on its promise of being an easy-to-assemble WiFi system that eliminates dead spots. Setup really couldn’t be much easier. I found the mobile app to be well thought out and it worked without any hiccups during our trials.


And another glowing review, from Business Insider:

There is truly no better solution out there for getting the best WiFi performance in your home. It’s ideal for large homes where your main router might not reach the furthest corners, and it’s also great for certain types of apartments, too, like those that are longer than they are wide. If you can afford Eero, you should get it.


A review from Gizmodo with a friendly title:

So should you buy it? A single Eero outperformed both my shitty TWC router and my old Airport Extreme in terms of speed. It’s also hard to put a price on the ease and convenience of handling everything through the app.


Here’s a video review, which also walks you through the setup process:


And, finally, for the official information: the official eero US site



Want an alternative?

If you’re looking for a cheaper, or Australia-native alternative, the Netgear Orbi AC3000 is our recommendation – it uses similar technology to the eero, is slightly cheaper, and has been reported to provide network speeds as fast as the eero. We think the eero is better – mainly because they’re (much) nicer looking, and (much) easier to set up – but the Netgear Orbi is a worthy alternative to consider